For the 4th consecutive year, GoMed Mobile Urgent Care has won the Best Of Peachtree City award in the Mobile Urgent Care category for 2022.

February 2022 – GoMed Mobile Urgent Care provides care when you need it from the comfort and convenience of your home. They have brought back the HouseCall. With appointments typically available the same day and often within minutes, GoMed provides the most convenient option to get you or your family the care they need.

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Fever, Congestion, Cough, Runny Nose, Covid Testing, Stitches, Sports physicals, Strep, UTI? GoMed tests and treats them all and more from the comfort of your couch.

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Don’t sit in a doctor’s office waiting room, GoMed will come to you 7 days a week and they accept most Major Insurance as well as Medicare.

With this fourth win, Gomed has been inducted into the Business Hall Of Fame as a company that is providing award winning Urgent Care in Peachtree City and the surrounding communities.

Urgent Care Peachtree City, Georgia

When you’ve had an accident or you’re feeling sick but don’t believe it warrants a trip to the emergency room, you should consider not just urgent care, but mobile urgent care. This option allows you to stay at home and essentially have an urgent care clinic come directly to you.

Our mobile urgent care providers are emergency room trained and are equipped with many of the same tools and have most of the same technologies that you’d find in your neighborhood brick and mortar urgent care facilities. As such, our medical team will be able to perform similar tests and treatments that you’d receive there.

If you are searching for “urgent care facilities near me,” just know that being treated by one of our mobile urgent care medical providers is not too different from making a trip to the emergency room for your urgent care needs. Our staff is available when you need us and we see you from the comfort of your home.

When you see a mobile care team, you’ll be seeing either a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner with direct access to a supervising doctor. They’ll also have the ability to reach out to an emergency room physician by phone. These are the same healthcare providers that you’d see if you were to take a trip to your local emergency room.

Urgent Care Services – Are They Right For My Family?

 After doing a Google search for “mobile urgent care near me,” you may still find yourself wondering whether you should utilize these services or take a trip to your local hospital. While you may already be familiar with what to expect when you arrive at an emergency room, you may not be as familiar with what to expect from an urgent care center, particularly a mobile one.

In the simplest of terms, these are a cross between an emergency room and a clinic. In either place, you’ll see a healthcare provider but they are meant to meet different healthcare needs.

If you find that you’re having a true emergency or you’re in a life-threatening situation, you should most definitely go to an emergency room. These situations include:

  • If you feel that you may be having a heart attack, you should most definitely go to your local emergency room. Symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain and trouble breathing.
  • When you’re having symptoms of a stroke, you should visit your local emergency room as soon as possible. Symptoms of a stroke include trouble speaking or understanding speech. You may also have weakness in your face, arms, or legs.
  • Any type of severe trauma (I.e., a head injury) is best treated in your local emergency room. This includes any type of severe bleeding or any bleeding that doesn’t stop after you’ve applied pressure to it for 5 minutes.
  • If you’ve lost consciousness, you’ll also need to be seen at your local emergency room.

If you go to an urgent care center for any of these things, they’ll either send you to the emergency room or call 911 for you. On the other hand, if you don’t believe that you’re in a life-threatening situation, then you should most definitely contact GoMed Mobile Urgent Care.

To schedule and online appointment, please visit them at or call at 184499GOMED (18449946633.)

Care coordinators are available from 7 AM to 9 PM and our providers see patients between 8 AM and 8 PM.

GoMed currently services all of Coweta, GA and Fayette, GA and a large part of Cobb County GA with its mobile Urgent Care Services.