Urgent Care – Marietta, GA

Urgent Care – Marietta, GA

GoMed Mobile Urgent Care Marietta, GA is offering Award Winning in home Urgent Care services in Marietta, Georgia.

Cough, Covid, Fever, Flu, Stitches, UTI’s and other Urgent Care services can all be handled from the comfort and convenience of your couch. For a more thorough list of the services that GoMed can provide in your home, please visit us online at: https://gomedhealth.com/#whatwetreat

Gone are the days where you need to sit in a doctors office or Urgent Care waiting room, GoMed Mobile Urgent Care comes to your home or office to treat you or someone in your family.

The best part about the GoMed Mobile Urgent Care service is that we accept most major insurance and bill a copay in a similar way to any other Urgent Care.

GoMed’s care coordinators are available from 7 AM to 9 PM 7 days a week and we see patients in Marietta from 8 AM to 8 PM daily.

For more information on our Marietta location, please visit: https://gomedhealth.com/locations/urgent-care-marietta-ga/

Urgent Care Centers as defined by the ACEP

An urgent care center is a walk-in clinic focused on the delivery of medical care for minor illnesses and injuries in an ambulatory medical facility outside of a traditional hospital-based or freestanding emergency department (ED). Other names for similar types of facilities include but are not limited to after hours walk-in clinics, minute clinics, quick care clinics, minor emergency centers, and minor care clinics. In some instances, facilities have used the term “emergency” in their name or advertisements, for example, “Minor Emergency Clinic” or “We Treat Emergencies.”

Although the Urgent Care Association of America and the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine have criteria for urgent care clinics, there are limited regulations or state licensing requirements.

The services provided at urgent care clinics across the country offer a wide range of care. Unlike EDs associated with a hospital, urgent care facilities do not have state or federal mandates to see, treat, or stabilize patients without regard for the patient’s ability to pay.

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) believes that any facility that does not meet the definition of an ED or freestanding ED as defined by ACEP and that advertises itself as providing unscheduled care should:

  • Not use the word “emergency” or “ER” in its name in any way.
  • Not use the word “emergency” or “ER” in any advertisements, claims of service, or to describe the type or level of care provided or as an alternative to an ED. Doing so may be considered a deceptive trade practice, as defined by federal or applicable state law.
  • Be required to comply with appropriate state or federal licensing requirements that specify staffing and equipment criteria to provide clear information to patients accessing medical care.

ACEP believes that urgent care centers do play a role in the provision of unscheduled care, but the lack of regulation has caused confusion for patients and puts patients at risk if they present to an urgent care center with a truly emergency medical condition that requires ED care. Therefore, ACEP encourages all states to have regulations regarding urgent care centers and the use of the word “emergency” consistent with this policy and with input from ACEP chapters in the state.

Reference: https://www.acep.org/patient-care/policy-statements/urgent-care-centers/