Mobile Sinus Infection Treatment

Sinus Infections are a common condition in which the nasal passages and cavities become inflamed. This is often paired with and/or caused by a cold or allergies. Symptoms of this include headaches, congestion, runny nose, and pressure in the sinus area. This is caused by the build up of fluid and bacteria in the sinuses, causing a blockage and growing bacteria.

Mucus build up will occur overtime and may cause respiratory congestion in addition to the nasal area. People most commonly complain of pressure above their eyes and a heavy sensation in their head. Sinus Infections may resolve on their own but are much more likely to go away with treatment and antibiotics. Fatigue can often come with a sinus infection. Common over-the-counter medications may help, such as nasal decongestant, pain medication, and saline rinses.

Lots of hydration helps aid the symptoms and promotes a faster recovery time. Humidifiers help keep your sinuses moist and may keep blockages from building up, along with hot showers and neti pots. If a sinus infection persists too long, it can lead to other issues. Seeking medical advice will ensure correct diagnosis and quicker recovery.

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GoMed providers are prepared to diagnose and treat patients in their home. They arrive equipped with the necessary equipment to help you get back on your feet and feeling better in no time. We’ve eliminated the need to travel to the nearest urgent care or clinic, and instead come to you, on your couch.

Our providers carry common medicines on hand, but can prescribe any medicine they see fit to your local pharmacy. Your living room is the waiting room!

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